Equal Opportunities - Policy And Practice

The document reproduced below has guided the Black-E in the area of Equal Opportunities Policy and Practice since 1988. It remains a robust document and continues to inform both policy and practice. An additional Child And Young Person Protection Policy was published in 2006. Note, October 2008. Completion, scheduled for April 2009, of the Main Lift (with access to all areas from the lower ground floor to the roof) and of works to the Dome (creating an accessible Main Entrance) will render the building fully physically accessible, enabling programming for physically disabled and elderly artists, sportsmen/women, participants, and audiences to be enhanced and further developed.

Equal opportunities policy and practice at the Project are a comprehensive commitment - embracing those working at the Project, embracing the audience/participants involved in the work of the Project, and embracing the events and activities which make up the programme of the Project. This comprehensive commitment has a history which goes back to the founding of the Project, and earlier texts which manifest such a commitment are attached to the rear of this review. This review itself sets out to clarify current policy and practice - and to do so in the context of a historical perspective - whilst recognising that the implementation of equal opportunities is an ongoing process, and all policy and practice needs to be regularly monitored, assessed, and revised when and where appropriate.

This review begins with an introduction - continues with three sections devoted to the areas of workers, audience/participants, and programme - and concludes with some final notes and documentation.