• Democracy cannot exist without a common language, and we don't have a common language.
  • The Great Georges Community Arts Project (The Blackie) in Liverpool is planning and building a bridge across a gap which has been well documented but rarely spanned.
  • Building and planning are proceeding simultaneously, requiring a mixture of very old and very new techniques. The project involves a collaboration of artists and vandals, toddlers and businessmen, arts lab youngsters and local mothers, students and unemployed, those interested in the arts and those interested in fighting. It is estimated that traffic over the bridge will begin to release energies at present restricted or buried by divisions of sex, class, education, work, money, culture, and language. Some of the foundations and early stages of the bridge can now be seen. Materials for the building of the bridge have come from some 40 companies in the Merseyside and the North-West, the Arts Council of Great Britain, The Home Authority, and Rowntree's Social Service Trust. The bridge was commissioned by Peter Moores.
  • The words in this publication are the creation of poets who have worked (and played) at Great Georges Project, and of friends who have made use of (or taken over) the typewriters. They are part of the bridge.
  • This foreword is not part of the bridge. This is a recruiting poster.