Xia Lu

Position / Role

Xia LuXia Lu settled in Liverpool after attending Liverpool University from 1990-94. She taught Qigong at The Black-E over a number of years, and is a painter who has exhibited her work in local galleries and exhibition spaces. She served as the member of China-Britain Culture Promotion Council of Liverpool, and contributed to the design for a Museum of Chinese Culture in Liverpool’s Chinatown.

Xia Lu was born in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, China, in 1960. She studied at Tsinghua University 1978-83, worked for the Planning and Designing Institute of Gansu Province 1983-1985, and in 1985-89 worked in the Architectural Designing Institute, China New Building Materials Group Co. Ltd. (Beijing), where she participated in various design activities, including shopping malls, supermarkets and a beach hotel complex.