Student Placements

Student placements - during which students, as part of their course of study, gain experience, knowledge and skills at The Black-E while ‘working away’ from their educational institution - are generally measured in weeks, and sometimes in one or two terms. Placements are occasionally full-time, but more often for an agreed number of hours per week. In effect the student is a ‘reflective volunteer’, engaged in a particular area of work, whilst also reflecting on it in written reports, and being supervised by a member oif staff. Placements have been undertaken with students of the graphic and fine arts, drama, play and youth work, media, and psychology.

We welcome approaches from educational institutions and from individual students wishing to explore the possibility of contracts for student placements. Given the range of the administrative and technical work required to support the cultural programme - and the diversity of the cultural programme itself which covers most art forms together with many sporting and recreational activities - placements may be suited to a variety of courses of study.