Bill's 12 Hour Dance Marathon


Bill completed his 12 Hour Dance Marathon at 10pm on Saturday 19 September.

At 8.55 Bill danced solo to the final chorale from Bach’s St. Matthew Passion, and was then joined on stage for a final one hour session of funky soul dancing.

To everyone who has already made a donation, A BIG THANK YOU.

To everyone who has not made a donation, IT’S NOT TOO LATE.

Payment details on second page of accompanying leaflet.  “No Donation Too Small.  No Donation Too Large”.


    Bill Harpe's 12 Hour Dance Marathon-poster    Bill Harpe's 12 Hour Dance Marathon - payment details



Bill at the begining of his 12 hour dance marathon Bill Maria Leila and Becky Bill's dancing keeps Richie on his toes Bill dances around Sue Eyo as she  accompanies him with a song. Charles Tsang and his Tai Chi group put on a display in support of the Dance Marathon Bill and Xia Lu engaged in a little Qui Gong during the dance Xia Lu performing Qi Gong with Bill in the main space. Poetry reading by Dave Ward during the performance, with Rahma and Leila in the background image from the evening of Bill's 12 hour dance marathon Bill dancing with Curtis and Richie on Drums