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peer-coachingAt the Black-E

We are proud to announce Shelley Collins 'Training the trainer' course on Thursday 19th and Friday 20th April. Although the course is  mostly full we welcome  enquiries from individuals interested in the course which is also available elsewhere in the north west. Contact us  on 0151 709 5109 before 6pm today for details.


The previous event from 23rd February is outlined below:








Building Peace in UK Communities

“I am, because you are” says Archbishop Tutu, explaining the South African concept of Ubuntu; “how I behave impacts not only on me but also on others around me because we all belong together.” 

The Black-E is collaborating with The Tutu Foundation UK in “Conversations for Change”, a national programme bringing together community members of all ages, faiths, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds.  The aim is to re-discover our common humanity, explore how to deal with conflict and differences and develop projects to involve the wider community in peace-building.

The second of four Liverpool Conversations takes place at The Black-E from 4-6pm on Thursday 23rd February.   All are welcome, both those who participated in the first Conversation and newcomers.

For newcomers who were unable to be part of the first Conversation, an extra preparatory session will take place earlier the same day, starting at 12 midday.  They will then be welcome to join the second Conversation.  Sessions are dynamic, fun and interactive and quickly break down barriers as participants share common experiences, concerns and visions.  Refreshments will be provided. The Black-E is fully wheelchair–accessible.

To reserve a place or for further information contact Maria Paul or Bill Harpe on 0151 709 5109, 10am to 6pm daily or via staff [at]  Bill Harpe can also be reached via 07710 564 664.

For more information on the national Conversations for Change programme and the work of the Tutu Foundation UK go to