Distant Voices Presents:TRUST


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The Black-E:Chamber Theatre

Doors open 6.30pm

May 7th @ 7.00pm 

Tickets - £3.50 


TRUST - Dying For The NHS 

How do we show a wound? How do we let people know when our lives have been shattered? Shattered by a crime, a thoughtless, deliberate act that robs us of someone we love; that robs us of the simple uncomplicated life we once had. An act that blocks out the sun and leaves us stunned either into silence or with a rage that just won’t go away. 

Anger we can drown, rage floats. 

TRUST is a play about rage; TRUST is a brief moment told about the rage felt by one such family who carry that wound, the wound left by lies, silence and dirty deeds. This is Margaret’s voice heard again in the telling of what happened to her and to those she so loved. 

Listen carefully; it could be you or yours, next time it could be your turn, sooner or ....................listen. 

AFTERMATH: explores the events following the loss of a loved one on the Liverpool Care Pathway; families speak out to you. This is their chance to tell you what happened, what it feels like to be caught up in lies, subterfuge and a ‘lack of care so profound, they can’t let go, can’t stop the haunting.’ 

We will also present an argument exploring why these deaths happened and ask a question about those involved”. Did we let them hide, “again behind a uniform and an excuse to ‘carry out orders.’” 





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