The European Cultural Parliament

“a forum for outstanding artists and intellectuals from all parts of Europe including philosophers, historians, designers and architects as well as those involved in theatre, music, art and literature”
- has not previously met in the UK. This year the ECP - with some 200 delegates, both artists and politicians - will be holding its 7th meeting, also its first meeting in the UK, at the Black-E.

The themes being explored during this Parliament are “intercultural dialogue” and “media and democracy - friends or foes ?”. Although not a public event, the ECP's timetable of activities events will include a young people's Q&A Session, an opportunity exclusively for children and young people to express their views and to quiz the delegates. In addition Bill Harpe will be leading a creative and co-operative games session - “intercultural dialogue without words” - and it is hoped that this session will be available recorded and available later for viewing in the Gallery.