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Fidelis School was opened in 1848 and today forms part of the establishments directed by the Religious Congregation of our Lady of Fidelity. Formally an orphanage, and Independent school, it is now a thriving Voluntary aided Catholic girls school in the heart of South London and is attached to a working Convent of more than fifteen Sisters.

The aim of Fidelis is inspired by Mother Foundress:

‘You will have gained everything when you give children the desire to do well’

We have always enjoyed a successful singing tradition at Virgo Fidelis; most of our students are strong singers who display plenty of enthusiasm, often from an early age. Nearly all of the girls who take part in our current Gospel Choir have graduated from our junior choir, are ever willing to attend rehearsals, and become hugely excited upon the announcement of concerts and tours.

The previous academic term provided ample opportunity for concerts and tours to be organised for both of our choirs. The Junior choir travelled to Paris for 4 days, while the Gospel choir performed over 3 days in Birmingham. Now that unique concert performances and trips have become more consistently established, the girls are truly learning the value of not only visiting new places, but: being responsible as part of team, being valued by the other choir members, and most of all simply having the confidence to take pride in their ability allowing their performances to be of a high level.