Mandi XV : 2007 Liverpool Biennial 2010

Mgiant-sword-hanging-from-domed-ceiling-seen-from-belowandi XV : 2007 by Kris Martin.  This 7-metre-long up-scaled version of a medieval cruciform sword, made of bronze and stainless steel, is exhibited for the first time as a hanging sword in the newly restored domed entrance to the Black-E.

Suspended in mid-air over our heads, as in the story of Damocles, it is a memento mori, posing questions about chance and destiny, and reminding us of the precariousness of all things.

Mandi XV is on exhibition from 18 September to 28 November as part of the Biennial 2010 "Touched" programme.

The title, Mandi, stems from a colloquial Italian term for ‘goodbye’, an expression originating from the words mano (hand) and dio (god) and meaning ‘to leave in the hands of God’. 

The work is part of an ongoing series of works that includes Martin’s well-known Mandi III, a blank train arrivals and departures board that turns over endlessly without offering either origin or destination.