Max Calaf Sevé

Figure into midairMax Calaf Seve is a contemporary circus artist, specialising in trampoline acrobatics, object manipulation and physical theatre.

He creates indoor and outdoor performances, challenging himself to obliterate the boundaries of what is possible on the trampoline. His unique performance aesthetic alerts us to the trampo- lines infinite possibilities and infinite stories that it can articulate; tangible, physical, emotional, artistic:

There is an explosion upwards, a moment of suspension in the air where you are weightless, ecstatic free. But the higher the jump the greater the fall. The trampoline can be a monster. Max Calaf Sevé

Set with trampoline and debris strewn about the stage.Max’s work is personal and particular. His desire to collaborate with artists from other worlds, exploring other disciplines whilst pursuing his own line of enquiry is powerful. Mining his own experience, in collaboration with others, Max creates work that is unexpected and delightful.

His relentless need to know what might be possible keeps Max’s work fresh; ensures it is relevant, takes him into new territories, evolves new vocabularies and reconfigures familiar forms into the new. Max is a thinker and a storyteller, a ‘bouncing Beckett’ and a Clown, and his work never disappoints.



An array of objects falling around a figure standing on the trampoline.This Anyday may be the last day. The last

day in this place. Max may have been in this place for some time. And today, Max will pull us deeper into his intimate interior world and that of his ‘bird’.

This world is a tender, heart breaking world. A world filled with strange sounds, echoes

of the past and perhaps an idea of the future? Comic, absurd, surreal, Anyday explores the archeology of loneliness with light, darkness and ultimately joy.

Set to an original score by Matt Huxley Anydayis a tumultuous odyssey that transmutes the clangs and boings of unbearable hope to make our spirits soar.

Figure perched near the edge of the trampoline.Anyday was initially devised in 2012 for street festivals and outdoor performances and premiered in The Netherlands, Portugal and Ireland in that year. The outdoor show toured Germany, Ireland, Spain and in England; Eastleigh, Preston, Barking and Dagenham various London festivals. Over the course  of Spring 2015 the company worked to bring production values, narrative and design together to make Anyday the indoor version a more focused, intimate experience than the outdoor experience. Anyday outdoors will continue to tour during Summer and Autumn 2016.


           Figure with an object on his head. Figure with picture frame in his hand. figure catching a feathery An performer in mid jump, with a suitcase held aloft.



Venue:The Black-E

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