Works for this exhibition were on display from Oct 2013 to March 2014


  1. 2012 – 2013  BLACK HISTORY MONTH  
    Open For Viewing  
  2. Exhibition currently housed within
    The Black-E
    Great Georges Project
    Great George Street
    L1 5EW

              Exhibition Curator: Steven Abdal Hadi Smith

The video recorded the recent 26th November 2012, visit by the newly elected Merseyside Police & Crime Commissioner. As the host organisation ‘Back In The Productions’, is a creative historical and multimedia resource facilitator and the exhibition provided a unique opportunity to Jane Kennedy to attendance the extended celebrations of the 2012 Black History Month.
Jane viewed the historical photographic exhibition which focused on the proactive community resistance undertaken by Black Caucus members throughout the 1980’s. Jane tenure as a branch organiser with the National Union of Public Employees, increased her relationship with members of Merseyside’s black community organisations throughout those complex political years

Please visit the following YouTube link: and view a 2 minute promotional video of the currently housed ‘PEOPLE POWER EXHIBITION’, at the BLACK-E.