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Project new earth

Photo: Project New Earth Lead Artists 2016 Photo by Suki Mok Photography



PROJECT NEW EARTH celebrates the spirit & legacy of the Chinese Labour Corps (CLC).  100 years ago, the British & French armies recruited 140,000 Chinese men to work behind the Western Front.  At least 5,000 died from shelling, accidents or disease.  Some are buried in Liverpool’s Anfield Cemetery. The CLC was the largest overseas labour force, giving their blood, sweat & tears to help the Allies win WW1, but have since been forgotten. This is their story.

Project New Earth consists of four parts - Two digital films and two live performances.


by Julia Cheng, Andy Leung, Lavin Lee, Ricky Payne,

A young Chinese woman discovers her ancestral contribution to Allied success in this music-dance-spoken word film. Animation peels back the layers of the painting, Panthéon de la Guerre, when the CLC were ‘painted out’ of history to make room for American soldiers.


by Lucia Tong, Cheng Yu, Angelus Squid Marr

Contemporary dancers explore distant journeys, monotony & nostalgia in homage to the CLC who became essential cogs in the war effort. Specially composed music creates a soundscape via recordings & live performance on pipa.



by Ruth Chan, Quang Kien Van, Suki Mok

From labyrinthine warrens of lost memory, the stories & bodies of the CLC are excavated & brought into blazing light. This vivid music-dance film is a sensorial awakening to remember the forgotten.



by David K.S. Tse, Chris Chan, Beibei Wang, Kumiko Mendl

Singer-actors weave together Chinese folk & English WW1 songs, with a moving drama focused on two men separated from family, lovers & friends by the war.

Tue 11 Oct 7.30pm

The Black-E
Great George Street Liverpool  L1 5EW
Tickets available from Unity Theatre  Box Office 

Tel 0151 709 4988 or book online at

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Here is a link to four UTube trailers for the four parts of Project New Earth:.


And here is a 5min set of interviews with an artist from each of the 4 pieces of PNE: