Street Dance & Jazz Dance classes : Sue Lancaster

Unfortunately the Jazz Dance class has been cancelled until further notice.

Professional Development Jazz Dance

New Wednesday evening classes delivered by Sue. Attendees will be tutored in jazz dance, in the 'L Roy Joseph' dance technique.

All interested individuals must be 16 plus. They must have dance experience.


Jazz/Street-dance-performance-young-people“Jazz Dance combines African/Caribbean with Urban/Street Dance and is a great technique for beginners and advanced alike.  It’s popular with girls but also provides a great fitness work-out for boys”.

female-dance-teacher-demonstrating-hand-movement-to-girlSue Lancaster lectures in dance at Hope University and is also a freelance community dance teacher and choreographer, through both strands creating pathways to further and higher education for young people.  She specialises in Jazz Dance, carrying forward the tradition of her mentor Elroy Josephs. 

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