What are you capable of?

What are you capable of? poster6x8– What are you capable of? Seven convicts, six executions. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Brightgate, a maximum security state prison. Join us in an unprecedented tour of the facilities where you will visit the much deliberated ‘last mile’, BLOCK F. Meet the death row inmates whose time is limited to the hours of your visit: see the concealed convicts and hear the hidden stories This promenade performance explores the human condition and demonstrates what we as humans can achieve. Pass through the diverse ways in which innocence and guilt are trialed as 6×8 tackle the methods of justice used in prisons. It asks us to make the choice: Who is innocent and who is guilty?

Written By: Beth Clewes Directed By: Nayna Gardani

Show Dates & Times:
Venue – The Black-E

21st March 7:00pm (Doors Open 6:30pm)
22nd March 7.00pm (Doors Open 6:30pm)
23rd March Matinee 2.00pm (Doors Open 1:30pm)
23rd March Matinee 6.00pm (Doors Open 5:30pm)

Cast: Alan Evans
Amina Eisner
Charlie Fenton
Charlotte Harvey
Chloe Green
Danny Buckingham
Heather Graves
Megan Kelly
Natatlie O’Leary
Tony Lancaster