World book day at the Black-E



  • World book day
    at the Black-E

    Anti Disney day!


Dear Parents/Carers,

On Saturday 3rd of March the Black-Ewill be celebrating world book day.

All children and Parents will have the opportunity to Make their own costumes for the event.

The costumes have to be based on their Favourite story Book.

Disney costumes or bought costumes are not to be worn on the day. We are looking  for  the most creative costumes rather than the most expensive. There will be prizes for the best costumes and a disco in the  afternoon from 1pm tyo 3pm.

We have many  materials here at the Black-E that may  help  you in making  your costumes so please  feel  free  to use  what you need . The Black-E will  be open  thursday 1st March from 4pm for people wishing to continue making their costumes here if they  have  not finished them.


Happy Making and Happy Reading


Maria Paul