There are many ways of supporting the Black-E from donating money to coming and working with us and we welcome all of them. The founding patron of The Black-E was Peter Moores (now Sir Peter Moores). He purchased the building through his charitable foundation and made the building available rent free ; became a Trustee and Chair of the Trustees ; attended and participated in events and activities ; took a lead in fundraising for the redevelopment programme ; provided financial support for the first thirty years ; and, on the occasion of The Black-E's 25th Anniversary, arranged for the building to be gifted from the Peter Moores Foundation to the Trustees of The Black-E.

Sir Peter MooresFollowing on from Sir Peter's original support (and covering the four decades from 1967 to 2008) :-

Financial support has ranged from £10 to £2m ; gifts in kind have ranged from a kitchen table to a lorry load of paint ; volunteers have given from 3 hours per week to 3 years of full time service.

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