The Black-E's Touring Shows and Exhibitions


Irish Potato FamineCommemorating the 150th Anniversary of the Irish Potato Famine, this workshop brought together the ancient Celtic tradition of illuminated letters and the modern technology of desk-top publishing, and accompanied an exhibition by Felicity Clear and Van Der Grigin.


Hand 2 HandAccompanied by drumming participants stepped forward in pairs to invent a hand greeting “which looked so good that everyone wanted to greet their friends in that way”. Every greeting was different – and in a follow- up workshop participants chose one moment from a hand greeting to be photographed for exhibition.


AnniversaTreeCreated in workshops celebrating The Black-E’s 25th Anniversary; this exhibition also reflects The Black-E’s location at the heart of Liverpool’s Chinatown.

7 Up

7 UpOriginally created as a tabloid newspaper on the occasion of the Blackie’s seventh birthday, ‘7 Up’ records those early years of survival and success. This is the ultimate D.I.Y. kit telling you how to start your own community arts project and keep it going against the odds.