The Games of Art

Games-of-Art-Dotto-apples and worms. Acrylic on board

The Games of Art exhibition presents a selection of imaginative artworks created over the last 40 years of 'Artful Games'; and texts explaining the nature and philosophy behind the art of 'creative and cooperative' games : 'Absolute freedom within very definite limits'. This follows a principle that Paul Taylor, American Choreographer once explained as : 'give yourself a set of simple limitations and do the best you can'.

GamesArtRembrandtGameThe artworks were all made with the very same elements, giving every player the same opportunities, the same materials and the same set of rules - and creating for each game a 'family' of works.. The exhibition includes ‘Bird Works’, where collages of birds were created using a different selection of materials each week, for example electrical, office, gardening and fishing materials. Another art piece on display is entitled ‘Dotto’ where each participant was provided with 30 randomly placed dots on a piece of card. These could then be changed or altered metamorphosing into objects such as birds, insects and dancing figures.


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