Voices from The Song of Songs : Judy Chicago


Judy Chicago is visiting the Black-E on November 8th

In Liverpool: 'Voices from The Song of Songs', a series of six paired prints  with accompanying  documentation, will be exhibited at the Black-e Gallery. The series  was  based upon  Marcia Falk’s translation of Biblical love songs and explores  mutuality of desire and a shared  enjoyment of sexual  pleasure. In addition, an illustrated monograph will be launched, Women, Art, and Society:  A Tribute to Virginia Woolf by Judy Chicago – originally delivered as a lecture in 1982 on the 100th Anniversary year of Virginia Woolf’s birth.

painting-of-female-figure-in-ecstacyVoices from The Song of Songs, a series of 12 paired prints, 373 mm x 300mm, created 1997-99 by Judy Chicago, on display in Liverpool for the first time, with a contextual exhibition of her life's work in the arts to date.

For over four decades, as a renowned artist, writer, feminist and intellectual, Judy Chicago's influence has been far-reaching within and outside the art community internationally. She has made the female point of view a part of mainstream art.

painting-of-male-and-female-faces-about-to-kiss This evocative series, inspired by Marcia Falk’s new translation of the Biblical text, uses an innovative combination of lithography and helio-relief (a photomechanical process for creating a wood block) to explore mutuality of desire and a shared enjoyment of sexual pleasure that is unusual in the history of art.  Voices from The Song of Songs  is on loan from Bill Harpe.

Chicago has remained steadfast in her commitment to the power of art as a vehicle for intellectual transformation and social change. She was a major contributor to creating Feminist Art in the 1970s, and remains one of its best-known proponents. She often uses "womanly" crafts like needlework and painted china to create images of lasting strength and pride in women's accomplishments. Equally important to her is the creation of objects that will last generations, so that future women will understand what came before.

In 1982 Judy Chicago was guest speaker for “Sister to Shakespeare”, The Black-E’s centenary tribute to Virginia Woolf, when she delivered a lecture on “Women Art and Society”, following on from Woolf’s lecture of the same title.  Her visit included seminars at the Black-E and Liverpool College of Art.

Chicago is the author of eight books, including Through the Flower: My Struggle as a Woman Artist ; The Dinner Party: A Symbol of Our Heritage and Women and Art: Contested Territory with Edward Lucie-Smith.

Chicago's other major pieces include The Dinner Party, The Birth Project, Powerplay, The Holocaust Project. There are four films about her work: Womanhouse; Right Out of History: The Making of Judy Chicago's Dinner Party by Johanna Demetrakas; The Birth Project by Vivian Kleiman; The Holocaust Project, edited by Kate Amend.                                                                                        

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