Yang Style Tai Chi Classes

These classes provide an ideal opportunity to learn the art of Tai Chi. Charles Tsang is a highly experienced teacher who specialise in the Yang style and is also a member of The Liverpool Chinatown Tai Chi group, founded in 1986.

photograph showing Tai chi teacher leading classphotograph showing female Tai Chi teachers leading class






The Group organises the Tai Chi demonstrations at the Black-E for Chinese New Year. Charles has earned both local and international recognition for his work collecting many illustrious awards along the way. The Black-E is working alongside Charles Tsang and The Liverpool Chinatown Tai Chi Group to promote the art and study of Tai Chi, not only for its obvious health benefits but to also continue with the fine tradition of sharing knowledge and culture.

Sundays 11.30am – 1pm.

further enquiries please contact Charles on -

Tel: 0151 428 8154


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