Main Space

Photo showing the main hall in The Black-EThe Main Space is made up of the Staging Floor (1st floor), Lower Balcony (2nd floor), and Upper Balcony (3rd floor).  The space is suited to large-scale events including events to be held in-the-round. The balconies extend around all 4 sides. Windows provide natural light while drawn curtains deliver a black-out. Triple glazing effectively eliminates break-in and break-out of sound. There is a height of approximately 9M to the grid, with some additional rigging points at higher level for aerial work and truss suspension. There is a large theatrical lighting installation and excellent general purpose sound installation fitted in this space.

BBC Question Time  at the Black-E

Lay out of main space with screens etc for the EEC Cultural confeence Adaptable seating for approximately 300 (including rostra for raking) is available on the Staging Floor. When both the Staging Floor and the Balconies are in use, the Main Space will accommodate approximately 550 people.




The Staging Floor

Young people watching Chinese danceThe staging floor is semi-sprung floor with underfloor heating. The seating and rostra may be arranged in a variety of configurations for performances, conferences, and events. Gym mats are also available.   The seating and rostra may be stored away under the balcony, allowing a large floor area for activities. Tables and chairs may also be accommodated to create a club or dining ambiance.





I just wanted to thank you all fpor your great help with our filming last week.  It was very succesful made so mainly because of all the fantsic help we had from the staff at the Black-E and the amazing space it turned out to be.

  • Filmshoot in the Main Space-set upFilmshoot in the Main Space-setting the stageFilmshoot in the Main Space-view from the balcony




“The venue was very good, a fantastic space”. Gail Jordan, Equalities and Networking Organiser, LCVS. 

“Overall our experience was first class”. Mark Wright, events coordinator, Jesus Fellowship Life Trust.


“Very friendly, very helpful, very professional. Thank you :-)”. Ben Wykes, groom, wedding reception July 2013. 

  • Spotlight focusing on the wedding group Main hall  set up for a wedding Oct 2013July wedding 2013




Technical details

This space is equipped with an extensive fixed pipe internally wired grid consisting of 10 internally wired bars, each carrying 12 * 3KW dimmed circuits on 15A outlets (120 Dimmed circuits at grid level). Each grid level bar also has 2 hard power outlets on 16A , and a DMX point. In addition the upper balcony (~6.5M above the floor) has a similar bar stood off the front on all sides, providing another 48 dimmed circuits, with a total of 8 further hard power points. Finally there are 6 way sockapex points in each corner below the lower balcony providing for any required stage level dimmed power.

FMerseyside business awards 2013or exhibition and similar use, there is extensive 13A provision, and for heavy production power, there is a stage level tie point providing for up to 200A TP on powerlock, in addition to the 32A TP points provided in each corner of the space at stage and first balcony level. With the blackouts removed, this space has excellent natural light. Smoke detection can be isolated in this space if required. The get-in is via the lift either through the side door or via load-in hatches on the ground floor and the 1st floor, or (for truss and the like) through the front dome doors and over the dome balcony.

Click on the floorplan below for an enlargement or download the high resolution PDF at the foot of the page.

Floorplan of Main space

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