Ground Floor - Gallery

Photo of the Ground floor Gallery

With a total hanging space of 84.66 metres in length and a minimum of 2.6m in height, the Gallery offers a range of interlinked exhibition spaces. The walls are a mixture of plasterboard and of brick, for displays in a variety of contexts and combinations.  This space may also be used as a meeting room and as a foyer during events. The area as a whole may be adapted to serve buffet meals to delegates or audiences from the Main Space. 


There is a 63A TP power point in the servery which is available for either catering or production use.  For further details download Gallery on the left.

Click on the floorplan below for an enlargement or download the high resolution PDF using the link to the left.

  • Testimonial:
    • ““An outstanding event made possible by the co operation of the Black-e and their excellent team” Gavin Jackson, events coordinator RH13, Rainhill High School.


Floorplan of ground floor gallery

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