We offer an ‘open door’ to volunteers. Volunteers may be as young as 18 or any more seasoned vintage (volunteers under 18 are occasionally accepted). Volunteers may arrive seeking experience and skills, or may arrive with experience and skills to share. Volunteers may be offering to become involved for a day, a week, a month, a year, or longer. Volunteers may ‘move on’ after their period of involvement, may develop a long-term relationship with the project, or may (on occasion) become a paid full-time or part-time member of staff. There are as many different patterns of volunteering as there are volunteers.

Prospective volunteers should read the important information for volunteers pages. (You may wish to use the printer friendly option to print, email or save as PDF in one whole document.)


Photo of a group of volunteers on a day off from a show in Glasgow There are however some common elements to the experience of volunteering. Volunteers are self  selected in the first instance (following a two-way exchange of information) and commence their involvement following an induction. An assessment (involving both volunteer and staff) follows a month later to determine an on-going personal programme of involvement or (in a small number of cases) to terminate the relationship.

Photo of Volunteer at work in the office Essential requirements for all volunteers are a preparedness to work as a member of a team - to undertake work both on the cultural programme (events, workshops, exhibitions, youth work) and on the supporting programme (admin, maintenance, IT, fund raising) - and to come equipped with a sense of humour.

 Photo of volunteer cooking with kidsIf you live locally and wish to explore the prospect of volunteering, please contact us and come to visit and talk with us. Local volunteers may be paid out-of-pocket expenses (travel, etc). If you live outside of Liverpool please contact us by post, email, or phone and tell us as much as possible about yourself and your interests.

 Accommodation can be provided for full-time volunteers (37 hours per week) making a commitment of at least one month. A modest allowance can sometimes be paid, usually after an initial period of some one, two, or three months. Volunteers from abroad are welcome - over the years we have welcomed volunteers from Western and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, South and North America, and Japan. 

                          Two female volunteers shoveling gravel into a wheel barrow   Right Thinking and Doc with kids from Rice Lane Playscheme

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