How to Become a Supporter

There are many ways of supporting the Black-E from donating money, goods, or services to coming and working with us - and we welcome all of them.


Graphic of the Black-E with people partying inside.

The good news is that, having raised over £6m for work on the interior rebuilding programme, we are now celebrating the up-grading of existing spaces and the completion of the Main Space  -  an in-the-round auditorium, with two overlooking balconies, which already elicits 'Wow's' from visitors as they enter for the first time, and which is as unique to the North West as The Roundhouse is to London.  As work continues on the construction of a basement-to-roof lift and the up-grading of the entrance dome, we can now promote the cultural programme in a building which has effectively doubled in size, including events (artistic and sporting), exhibitions, and conferences in the new Main Space accommodating 550 persons.

However, the next three years are going to be something of a special period.  We are looking forward to good times.  But we are also anticipating challenging times.

We continue to seek support for the continuation and development of the cultural programme.  In financial terms, rental income (particularly from rentals for the Main Space) will be an essential element in securing and sustaining The Black-E's future.  But this income will take some time to grow, and we estimate that it will take three years of growth for rentals to reach an optimal level.  Financial support over these three years will be particularly helpful and particularly welcome.

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