As a note to this review it should be added that the equal opportunities policy and practice and associated programme of positive action have their roots in the aims and objects of the Project - indeed the policy and practice outlined in this review derive from the very earliest days of the Project. In effect the Project was pioneering equal opportunities in creative activities for individuals and communities discriminated against and disadvantaged long before these terms came into use - one example being in the text of the introduction (reproduced below) to the Project's publication "A Modest Proposal o.k." (1974). However, all equal opportunities endeavours require regular monitoring, maintenance, and updating, and the Project has set out to remain up to date with current thinking and practise. The Project's present equal opportunities policy and practice has been informed by the equal opportunities programme of the former Greater London Council (including the publication "GLC Equal Opportunities Code of Practice") - and by the Equal Opportunities Policy and Code of Practice published by Merseyside Arts.

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