Bow & Arrow

Bow & Arrow: The Outlaws of Sherwood

"Bow and Arrow Flyer"

Bow & Arrow: The Outlaws of Sherwood is a brand-new adult comedy musical that 
will shock and make you laugh in equal measure.

Bow Scar and Arrow Hunter are well known throughout Sherwood, but not for anything good. They are lazy, jobless and more often than not come up with one money making scheme after another.

The main thorn in the side of Bow and Arrow is the female Sheriff who rules=
 Sherwood with an iron fist...and whip! The Sheriff also leads the Extreme Alliance. A group of baddies which includes Lance 'Glorious' Hemsley, Miss Thorn, and Brutal and by hook and by crook they only look after themselves.

Luckily...or unluckily for Bow and Arrow they have a mentor in the form of Friar Tuck. A monk with very little discipline and only as eyes for the men folk of Sherwood. Men are often seen running away from Friar Tuck. Other times he finds himself in many embarrassing situations. Either way Friar lives life to the full.

As the story develops, we learn that the Sheriff and Lance 'Glorious; Hemsley have a grand scheme to open a new adult club in the depths of Sherwood.
However, concerned about a strange red light appearing in the forest, the iron fist lady enlists Bow and Arrow (who are heavily in debt) to go and find out what the red light is all about.

Suffice to say things quickly turn pear shaped for our not so brave duo when Arrow is kidnapped by a mysterious figure. With no choice and wanting to find her best friend in the whole wide world...Bow forms a search party to go and search for Arrow.

Will Arrow ever be found? What is the mysterious red light all about? Can Bow save the day? and can anyone topple the Sheriff? One thing is for certain...this is not a show you will want to miss.


Friday 29th & Sat 30th Jan

Doors 7pm, event 7.30pm

Tickets are available from Eventbrite

There will be a licenced bar at this event.

The Black-E is fully wheelchair accessible.


Everyone attending this show will be required to wear a mask when entering the building. Masks may be removed when you are seating but will need to be
 worn whenever you leave your seat. Your name and email address will be used for the purpose of track and trace if required by the NHS.

Max number of tickets per group is 6. If still required by the government by the date of the show, everyone in the group will need to be in the same h=

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