The Black-E Approach to Touring

Festival of GamesThe basis for our touring programme is that whatever happens at the Black-E - events, exhibitions, workshops, conferences, seminars - can also happen away from the Black-E. Requests and invitations to tour are most likely to be accepted when they will “make a difference” to those making the request. Touring commitments are generally undertaken on a ‘paid-for’ basis, though when circumstances are appropriate the costs of a touring commitment may be met by the Black-E.

The summary of earlier touring commitments below is provided as a guide to anyone wishing to discuss future touring possibilities. The team of artists at the Black-E (then the Blackie) has :-

  • Abroad * led creative and co-operative games sessions in Jamaica * addressed conferences in Denmark, Holland, and Germany * staged outdoor visual arts workshops in Poland * contributed to training programmes for community artists in Ireland.
  • In the UK * contributed to cultural and educational programmes, events, and festivals - with performances, exhibitions, workshops, seminars, and residencies (from one-day to two-weeks) - in Manchester, Wolverhampton, Sheffield, Birmingham, London, Aberdeen, and Belfast.
  • FuneralsIn Liverpool and Merseyside * provided speakers for luncheon clubs * created banners for events and parades and light shows for touring music groups * provided arts-based activities for playgroups and youth clubs * led creative and co-operative games sessions * responded to commissions for participatory theatre events on social themes (housing, human rights, education) * staged both large-scale and intimate outdoor events aimed at stimulating smiles (and thoughts).
  • Over the most recent years, 2005-08 - during which period the capital redevelopment programme leading to the Relaunch has absorbed the energies of the Black-E team - the priority has been to engage with young people through a programme of touring workshops exploring hip-hop culture and leading to the creation of cd’s (‘RAPsody in E’ and RAPsody in C’).
  • During and immediately following the Relaunch, from October 2008 to April 2009, the emphasis of the cultural programme will be on events and activities in the new and the restored spaces of the Black-E building. Major touring commitments, such as one or two week residencies and large-scale commissions, are not likely to be accepted before autumn 2009. However, touring exhibitions will continue to be available - some smaller scale touring commitments will be undertaken - and advance discussions of planning for major touring commitments from autumn 2009 will be welcomed.


To discuss touring possibilities please CONTACT US.


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